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Thermal systems

Thermal systems for your combustion engineering challenges

ERG offers incineration, combustion, and heat transfer solutions to meet the exhaust gas cleaning challenges of numerous industries. We have in-house specialist combustion engineering expertise in the design and supply of thermal oxidisers and incineration systems to destroy toxic liquids, gaseous fumes and vapours, and malodourous compounds to meet pollution control and emission regulations. ERG’s expertise in air pollution control abatement also enables us to be able to solve your flue gas cleanup challenges.

Waste energy recovery

In many cases the energy content present in your discharge waste can be used to heat the incoming waste thereby reducing the fuel demand. In other cases the energy may even be converted into a profitable revenue generator as heat recovery systems linked to a waste combustion unit can recycle energy upstream into your process to reduce operating costs.

We can advise you on what your options are, and can design the right systems to exploit your waste stream opportunities to the full.

The range of solutions that ERG can provide includes:

Plant maintenance and servicing

Our combustion and thermal treatment systems are designed and constructed to be robust and reliable. Peak operating performance can be ensured by regular inspection and routine maintenance by our experienced after sales service team.

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