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V-tex® Stripping Technology

V-tex® strippers achieve higher removal efficiencies than traditional technologies without moving parts or random packings which are prone to fouling.

V-tex® is used for the stripping of liquors across a range of sectors including pharmaceutical, petrochemical, fine chemical and oil and gas industries.  

For steam and air stripping the benefits of using V-tex® include:

  • High efficiencies of removal/stripping, in low and variable stripping gas flows
  • Compactness - typically one third to one fifth the size of a packed column for the same performance
  • No internals to foul and due to the alignment of the opposed jet nozzle and the intense spray pattern and high velocity droplets in the cyclonic spray chamber is self-cleaning

V-tex® strippers are used in many applications including the removal of:

Acetone Isopropyl alcohol
Ammonia Kerosene
Amyl acetate Methanol
Amyl alcohol Methyl iso butyl ketone
Aniline Methylene dichloride
Benzene Para-nitrochlorobenzene
Butyl acetate Phenol
Carbon tetrachloride Saturated salt solutions
Chloroform Tert butanol
Dimethyl formamide Tributyl phosphate
Fermentation broths Trichloroethylene
Iso-octanol Xylene


Some typical examples of its use are included in the V-tex® case studies. In addition V-tex® pilot plants are available.

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