Precious Metal Recovery

Here at ERG, we have a solution for any precious metal recycling requirements you might have. With over 40 years of expertise and all the latest technology available, make us your first port of call if you require precious metal recovery or recycling.

What is Precious Metal Recovery?
The process of recycling precious metals is complex but worthwhile, especially since they have been included on the EU’s list of critical raw materials. It can present a prime opportunity for businesses as metals can be recovered from many objects that might otherwise be wasted.

How Does the Recovery Process Work?
If your business wants to recover precious metals from items, specialist incinerators are required. These follow a similar concept to solid waste incinerators, with the whole process requiring expertise and precision.

Our specialist precious metal recovery incinerators follow a two-step process. They burn off the various waste materials and then any of the precious metals remaining in the slag after incineration are collected on the removable ceramic dishes that are found within the primary combustion chamber.

ERG’s precious metal recovery incinerations have been specially-designed to follow environmentally-conscious practices and comply with environmental regulations, as well as using as little fuel as possible.

Why Choose ERG?
If you’re looking for specialist technology to recover precious metals, ERG can help. Some of the key features of our precious metal recovery incinerators include:

  • Sizing to depend on your precious metal recycling process
  • Gasoil, propane or natural gas fired options
  • Carbon steel refractory lined chambers
  • No smoke, no smell operation
  • Complies with environmental regulations
  • Optional combustion gas clean up systems
  • Control panel with remote mounting option

ERG has been in the business since 1978 and is an accredited ISO 9001 company, having established a reputable name in Environmental Engineering and Contracting. You can trust that our precious metal recovery machinery meets the highest possible standards and remains environmentally conscious.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about recycling precious metals and the machinery we have available to recover them.

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