Solid Waste Incineration

ERG offers a range of dual chamber solid waste incinerators for the efficient disposal of solid waste streams.
Dual chamber incinerators operate by incinerating the solid materials in a primary chamber and then incinerating any remaining material and the gases for a second time in the secondary chamber. The unit is of the ‘Controlled or Starved Air’ type where a small percentage of the stoichiometric air requirement is introduced in the primary chamber. The hot combustion gases from the primary chamber enter the secondary combustion chamber which acts as a thermal oxidation system where excess air is added to allow complete oxidation to take place with 2 seconds residence time at temperatures up to 1200°C. The final emissions from these systems are clean and safe for venting to the atmosphere.

A wide range of solid waste types can be treated, from general, municipal, agricultural and industrial wastes through to clinical and pathological waste materials. Supplied as automatic packages, the systems are offered in accordance with all relevant emission legislation.

Features Include:
  • 40-1000 kg/hr units offered
  • Automatic load & de-ash units available
  • Batch or continuous operation on larger units
  • Porous tile hearth for good control of primary air distribution
  • Integral control panel with remote mounting option
  • Gasoil, propane or natural gas fired options
ERG Solid waste incineration


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