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Minimising non-compliant emissions to atmosphere by regular, planned maintenance protects your reputation and saves you money. Let ERG’s Maintenance Department help you keep your air pollution and odour control systems running effectively and at the lowest operating costs.
Our specialist engineers are experts in maintaining most types of air pollution equipment and always work to the highest safety standards. We often save clients many thousands of pounds by repairing and enhancing dilapidated air pollution and odour control equipment. Find out more about our maintenance services, including:
  • Free initial assessment of your maintenance needs.
  • 24 hour-a-day, 365 days-a-year quick response reactive maintenance service, including on the spot electrical and mechanical repairs.
  • Development of planned maintenance schedule to suit your needs.
  • Scrubber and vessel internal cleaning, inspection and repairs.
  • Replacement of spent bio-media, failed scrubber internals and other air pollution filter internals
  • Carbon and other dry media condition assessment and replacement
  • Carbon and other dry media condition assessment and replacement
  • Inspection, cleaning, rejuvenation or replacement of fouled catalyst such as Odorgard™.
  • Descaling and desludging of scrubber and vessel internals using high pressure washing or concentrated acid washing, as required
  • Ductwork balancing
  • System recommissioning/optimisation
  • Pipework, ductwork and electrical repair
  • Recalibration of instrumentation and re-commissioning
  • Performance checking using Dräger tubes, H2S Jerome analyser or olfactometric
  • Operator training to maintain your air pollution control equipment
ERG is the leading expert in air pollution and odour control maintenance in the UK and is a framework supplier for odour control maintenance to Southern Water, Scottish Water, Severn Trent Water and Thames Water, regularly maintaining over 160 sites. Call Keith Delderfield, ERG’s maintenance director, on 01403 221000 to discuss your maintenance program and to arrange a free site meeting. ERG Maintenance


tel UK office: +44 (0) 1403 221000
tel Middle East office: +962 6515 9021 ext 106