General Industrial

With 30 years’ experience, and more 300 operational, industrial air pollution plants, ERG has an extensive reference list to draw on.

So even if your application does not fit neatly into one of the categories described in our portfolio of experience, we are likely to have relevant experience to help us solve your air pollution problem.


The following selection of other applications gives a sample of our experience:

  • Renewable energy – ammonia and water removal from synga
  • Renewable energy – H2S removal from digester biogas
  • Industrial waste water treatment – acid gas (NO2, HCl, H3PO4, SOx) and odour scrubbing from a tank farm and treatment plant
  • Domestic refuse transfer station dust and odour control
  • Pet food manufacture – dust, ammonia and odour removal
  • Crematoria flue gas treatment
  • Clinical waste incinerators flue gas treatment
  • Animal rendering odour control
  • Food processing – grease and odour removal
  • Tobacco manufacture – process vent treatment for odour removal
  • Small production facilities using and emitting VOCs
  • Off-shore SO2 scrubbing

Greenstar waste transfer station odour control system

Our range of wet chemical scrubbers (including V-tex®, venturi, packed tower, spray tower and tray scrubbers, quenches and sub-coolers), biological filters and dry media filters, form the basis of our air pollution and odour control system. All are purpose designed by our engineering design team, and integrated with air extraction, heat transfer and chemical dosing systems, on-line monitoring instruments and control systems, to provide a comprehensive, turnkey solution to your air pollution control problem. And every system comes fully guaranteed, backed by ERG’s extensive track-record of successfully operating plants.

Hot gas cleaning
Packed tower scrubbers
Tray scrubbers
Venturi scrubbers


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