Thermal Oxidisers

Thermal oxidation is a well-accepted method of treatment of exhaust gas containing volatile organic compounds. Thermal oxidation can also be very effective in treating liquid waste streams.

For maximum efficiency, thermal oxidation systems require good design to achieve:

  • A homogeneous distribution of the organic contaminants in the waste stream
  • A well balance oxygen supply to the combustion chamber
  • An adequate residence time
  • An even temperature distribution within the chamber

Explore our wide range of services:

ERG can design a system that is appropriate for your requirements including:

  • Direct fired oxidation
  • Recuperative thermal oxidation
  • Regenerative thermal oxidation

With correct design, the resulting flue gases can usually be discharged to the atmosphere without further treatment. ERG can supply your thermal oxidation systems with the following features:

  • Up to 2 seconds residence time
  • Gas or oil fired systems
  • Solvent concentrations to 40% LEL
  • Aqueous or organic liquid and gaseous effluent combustion
  • Air flow turndown capability up to 5:1
  • VOC, CO, and NOx emission limit guarantees
  • Burners requiring no additional combustion air
  • Secondary heat recovery options

ERG Thermal oxidisers


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