How It Works

The diagrams below explain the operation of the V-tex® scrubber and V-tex® nozzle technology.

V-tex ERG Air Pollution Control

The diagrams and video animation below explain the operation of the V-tex® scrubber and V-tex® nozzle technology.

Key Benefits

The V-tex® offers robust operation, using even dirty and solid-laden liquor streams, making it the scrubber of choice for arduous applications and where high availability, low maintenance operation is essential.

  • High availability and minimal clean-out costs as no internals to foul
  • Consistent, predictable mass- and heat-transfer rates provided by self-cleaning, non-clogging nozzle
  • Low installation costs, especially when retrofitting into existing buildings, because of low height
  • Smaller volumes of spent liquor to be sent to waste as V-tex® can scrub with viscous liquors and slurries
  • High efficiency performance irrespective of gas flowrate means no narrow window of operation limiting your production cycles/span>
  • Proven in a wide range of applications

Key Features

  • Opposed jet nozzle in centre of chamber
  • Fine droplet spray pattern for high mass transfer
  • Induced swirl from tangential gas inlet and central gas outlet
  • Integral sump separated by lower chamber plate
  • Droplet elimination by spray plate

V-tex® technology is widely used for challenging environments such as:

  • Difficult scrubbing applications often with recovery and/or manufacture of saleable bi-product
  • Stripping of contamination from liquor/slurries and recovery
  • Condensing particularly when the gas/steam has suspended particulate

For applications where the scrubber height is important, such as pharmaceutical and microelectronics production, the V-tex® is able to fit on a single storey.   The diagram shows an example of a packed tower and V-tex® scrubber both sized for 1,000 m3/hr and 99.5% removal of HCl.


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