Odour Control for Composting Facilities

Building on our experience of sewage and food industry odour control, ERG is also now a leading provider of odour control systems for large municipal composting facilities.
With major reference plants in the UK and Eire, including at some of the largest waste composting plants constructed, ERG offers systems which reliably treat the odour from waste transfer and handling stations and municipal composting plants. Our fully integrated odour control systems include the following:
  • Purpose built networks of ducting which is designed and tuned to extract air from around the odour hotspots
  • Fan systems capable to maintain the buildings under slight negative pressure to prevent fugitive odours during vehicle movements in and out of the building during waste reception
  • Air treatment units designed to your specific odour loading and emission limits, typically comprising carbon filters, chemical and/or bio scrubbers and biofilters
  • Emission stacks to disperse cleaned air


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