ERG’s purpose-designed scrubbing systems are engineered to suit each application and client’s requirements.

During the microelectronics boom years in the 1990s, ERG installed a variety of plants treating acid off-gases (HF, F2, HCl, Cl2, etc) with the capability to handle the sticky silanes formed from chlorosilane hydrolysis.

We continue to offer high efficiency packed tower scrubbers and non-clogging and highly efficient V-tex® scrubber packages, each optimised for clients in the micro-electronics and optical fibres sectors. And as you’d expect, each integrated system comes with an extraction ductwork system (segregated as required), a simple to operate control panel, and is backed with a process guarantee.

Demonstrating IPPC compliance is straightforward as our robust and thoroughly well-engineered systems offer peace of mind to plant operators and the community beyond the site boundary.

Quality and certification
All ERG systems

  • designed and manufactured to ERG’s ISO9001 Quality Management System,
  • are CE marked as required to the Pressure Equipment (97/23/EC) and ATEX (94/9/EC) Directives, and
  • are designed according to British, European and International Standards.

Vessels can be supplied in accordance with PD5500, BS4994 or ASME VIII.


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