Syngas & Biogas Cleaning

Syngas and Biogas Cleaning

Whether the requirement is for cleaning tars from biogas generated from a hot gasification process, or sulphurous compounds or VOCs from biofuels generated from an anerobic digestion process, V-tex® can be the solution.

  • Gasification of waste bio-materials (eg, wood chips) produces a hot fuel gas that is cooled and cleaned and then fed into an engine driving a power generator. As the gas is cooled the tars present begin to condense (usually 90-120°C) forming viscous sticky liquids that cause fouling.  V-tex® offers the power plant engineer a self-cleaning, high-efficiency, compact heat-exchanger that will remove all condensibles ahead of his blower or compressor.
  • Biofuel gases can be produced from sewage works, landfill sites and by the anaerobic digestion of organic waste materials. These gases are cool so contain fewer condensables. Instead, they contain other compounds that can foul blowers, compressors or engines including sulphurous compounds (eg. H2S,mercaptans) or VOCs (eg. styrenes, xylenes). Once again, the power plant engineer needs a self-cleaning, high-efficiency, compact reactor that will remove these compounds from the fuel gas. V-tex® can remove any of these by careful selection of scrubbing-liquor.

V-tex® fuel gas cleaning

BioGasclean technology for H2S removal

ERG is an exclusive licenced distributor in the UK for the bioscrubbing technology from Danish firm BioGasclean. BioGasclean A/S develops, manufactures and markets biological biogas desulphurisation plants, using proprietary bacterial gas scrubbing technology.

Gas cleaning for anaerobic digestion

Biogas from anaerobic digestion is cleaned for hydrogen sulphide (H2S) down to 250ppm, thus preventing the formation of corrosive sulfuric acid during combustion. This ensures that the biogas can be combusted in high efficient gas engines. By using a BioGasclean bioscrubber engine efficiency and lifetime are raised, and maintenance costs and sulphur dioxide emissions are reduced.

The leading gas engine manufacturers know that the engine operation on biogas will only be successful if the gas quality is superior. A Biogasclean scrubber is the best biogas cleaning proven solution with over 100 industrial scale plants installed worldwide.


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