V-Tex® Case Studies

V-tex Case Studies
V-Tex® Scrubbing
  • Acetic acid 2 stage V-tex® scrubbing system for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in Ireland/span>
  • Chlorosilane 2 stage V-tex® scrubbing system for leading optical fibres manufacture in Denmark
  • Chlorine removal scrubber for USA petrochemical refinery
  • Emergency scrubber for Schering Plough in Ireland
  • Ammonia scrubber for manufacture of 12% ammonium sulphate for chemical manufacture in Czech Republic
  • HCl scrubber for off gases from batch pressurised reactor for Novartis
  • Chlorine scrubbing for lithium metal refining for manufacture of 15% sodium hypochlorite in UK
V-tex® scrubbing case studies powerpoint V-tex® for vent gas scrubbing V-Tex® Stripping
  • Ground water stripping of VOC impurities using air
  • Recovery of methylene dichloride (MDC) using steam stripping using V-tex® fluidic contactor
  • Recovery of trichloroethylene from aqueous hydrochloric waste stream using steam stripping using V-tex® stripping for Monsanto
  • Iso-propyl alcohol (IPA) recovery using steam stripping with a V-tex® for GSK
  • Waste water stripping and solvent distillation for Hicksons
V-tex® stripping case studies


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